The Read House Opens Haunted Room 311

By Phase 3 on March, 12 2019

Now Open


Downtown Chattanooga’s The Read House hotel announced this week that the restoration of haunted Room 311 – long known as one of the most haunted hotel rooms in the United States – is now complete and available for tours. As part of a recent $28 million hotel renovation, Room 311 was purposefully redesigned to look like it did when a guest, Annalisa Netherly, stayed and was murdered there in the 1920's. Aside from Room 311, all of the other rooms in the historic tower of The Read House were completely demolished in 2016 and rebuilt to provide a luxurious hotel room with brand new finishing, bathrooms and modern amenities.

There are many who believe Room 311 is haunted by the ghost, who was allegedly beheaded in the bathtub by a jealous lover.  Over the years, a number of guests have reported paranormal activity in the room, including unexplained noises, flickering lights, running water, shadowy figures and more. The haunted room is known by many locals who have experienced paranormal activity of their own. On Monday, March 11, the hotel hosted an unveiling and special ceremony locally, to showcase the restoration of the haunted room. Tours will be available daily from noon to 2 p.m.

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