Daily Crunch Launches Signature Line of Sprouted Nut Snacks Nationwide

By Phase 3 on June, 3 2020

June 4, 2020

Diane’s Kitchen LLC, a brand-new consumer packaged food company, recently launched Daily Crunch, a signature line of sprouted nut snacks, founded by Diane Orley and her niece, Laurel Orley. Daily Crunch currently offers three products: Just Sprouted Almonds, Coffee-Soaked, and a Nut-Berry Medley. 

This sprouted snack company is a game changer in the industry, with a goal of bringing more sprouted products to the marketplace. What exactly is sprouted? It’s a process of soaking and dehydrating almonds, in the case of Daily Crunch, to result in a crunchier-textured product that retains all nutritional value. To learn more or to purchase Daily Crunch snacks, visit https://dailycrunchsnacks.com

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