By Phase 3 on March, 25 2020

March 26, 2020

Over the last week, the restaurant community, our clients and friends have experienced unprecedented, unimaginable change. We’ve all enjoyed a number of great meals and outings with friends and family at some great restaurants - now it’s time for us to help them. We’re joining the Independent Restaurant Coalition to have a united voice in front of our congressional leadership and help #SaveRestaurants

The Independent Restaurant Coalition proposes the following relief for the restaurant industry:

- 6-month income replacement program valued at $440 B, conditioned upon full and continued employment of all restaurant staff, payment of rents to landlords, and ongoing payables to suppliers. 

- An income-replacement grant program that allows us to pay our suppliers will empower these businesses in turn to pay their own, with a protective effect immediately felt up and throughout the supply chain.

- No size limit eligibility attached to this income grant relief as many seemingly large restaurant groups are comprised of dozens of smaller operators, all facing the same catastrophic effects of closure due to COVID-19.

Now more than ever restaurants need our support. Here’s how you can help:

- Order takeout from your favorite spots
- Purchase gift cards from restaurants to use once they re-open

We hope you’ll keep your local restaurants in mind during this difficult time. To learn more about the cause and ways to help, visit https://www.saverestaurants.co/.

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